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Saturday, February 17 | 1 Comments
It's been awhile since i last wrote here. Feels awkward but im bored.

So there is this one tweet on twitter saying 'whats something a teacher did that still makes you mad?' and there are lots of people quoting it with their bad experiences. Reading it makes me sad. Some of the teachers are too strict and some arent even................. u know............... being a good teacher. But I wont be talking about that in a whole.

After reading those quotes, it kinda reminds me of other things. I never had any bad experience with my teachers, tho I went to lots of school before. I can still remember each one of their name cause most of them were really nice to me. I still contacted some of them.

Im not really clever person. I scored well in every important examination ever since i was in kindergarten but it wasnt because of my brain. One of the reasons are because of my teachers itself. I am much more closer to my teachers and lecturer instead of my classmates I dont know why lol. We were like friends. I often skip my classs when I was in highschool and even in matriculation. I skipped two or three days in a week. They will often ask what is my problem and encourage me to come. (I dont have any problem it just that i hate school). Every single morning, Sir Faizal which is our class teacher will always ask whether i come or not before he check on anyone else. Cikgu Arkiah will always make sure I get what she teaches in class and etc. All of my teachers were really nice. I could list every single good deed they did to me and probably I wont be stop typing cause its going to be really long list.

Straight to the point, I am here because of their prayer. Never underestimate your relationship with teachers and your lecturers. Take me as your example. I swear to lord I am not smart. It just that I got lucky everytime and one of it is because I have my teachers with me. I rarely study because I have definitely no interest in doing so but I still can score. And it is due to their prayer.

Another example to prove the power of relationship with our teachers is...................I am a normal human being as well sometimes I dont like my teacher lol okay so I REALLY HATE MY BIOLOGY TEACHER (well because she never teach us anything in class so i feel like shes wasting my time). I never tried to be nice to her I will ALWAYS skip her classes, or sleep in it. I studied like hell for biology at home thinking that I could score even without her help. And i managed to do so. I can get highscore for any biology paper i can get my hand on to. But................... not in real examination. No matter how hard I studied, I will never get more than C. Its frustrating. For the SPM, I finally said sorry to THEM (yeah lol right) and they forgive me. And that was the first time I got an A for Biology loooooool.

I have more example to give but im a lazyass person so maybe next time or never

Entering degree, I find it hard to be friend with the lecturer. And I find difficulty in scoring for exams. I just hope that I can survive aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

okay to be honest, my attention span has over i forgot what i actually want to write and i already got bored of this so ill end this post :")