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matriculation week lmao
Sunday, June 12 | 0 Comments

i rejected my ytm scholarship offer for engineering course in mmu and chose matriculation instead. how fucked up is that?

but anyways im not gonna talk about how stupid i am in making that decision. i wanna talk about my orientation week in kolej matrikulasi perak

overall, it was great, although it caused me pain in both mental and physical. but other than that, it was great i guess.

so we all know that there are lots of rumors about matriculation such as:

- susah gila babi doh memang susah nak 4flat
- life memang busy, takda masa nak bernafas pun
- huish matrik, habislah kau
- banyak hantu wui
- (insert all negative things)

idk how true those rumors are but a friend of mine told me that anything is possible, as long as u learn how to adapt in new place.

im still struggling to adapt, i dont know i never had any experience living in boarding school before. so it will take a lot of time for me to cope. i got few problems with myself. i am trying my best to handle it very well but nah i dont know

so to sums up my whole orientation week, it was tiring. most of us (but not me) had fun. i didnt have much fun because i got sick few times so- lol it was tough. thanks to all the facilitators, most of them are pretty haahhaa. you guys are great i wish i had fun during the orientation week but lol i fucked up.

to end this post, i hope i can adapt really well here.