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Sunday, February 19 | 0 Comments


aaaaaa its been awhile since my last post hows life people? my life is quite sucks but let that sink in

right now is semester break yas but things are not exciting when ure not in your own house yes i need to stay at my aunty house im sad. cant wait to start classes again lmao

i had my muet test few days ago and frankly speaking, it sucks i dont know. i dont know but i hope for the best for the four of us. may god give us good results.

next, i went to universiti malaya to take my bmat test. i fucked it lmao asmida can now say goodbye to universiti malaya cause for sure she wont pass the test. its hard. and the most stupidest thing i did was not paying attention to the announcement. i thought we are given 1hrs to answer scientific knowledge paper but apparently it was only 30min ha ha result will come out at 27february wish me luck!!

ok now i dont know what to write ill bid a goodbye thanks for reading! <3