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kolej matrikulasi perak
Monday, May 15 | 0 Comments
My friend told me that registration for new matriculation student will be held in June. And also, UPU result will be release today. Im sure that you guys are nervous. Well i was too, one year ago. For those who choose (or maybe have no other choice) to enter Perak Matriculation College, i bid you guys welcome and i will share a bit info about this place since i am the ex student of KMPK, batch 2016/17.

For those who are wondering, what kind of facilities we have in KMPK, there are total 5 hostel for both boys and girl. Three for girl which are Seri Intan, Seri Kerian and Seri Teja. Two for boys which are Seri Ipoh and Seri Iskandar. I dont know much about boy's hostel, but I think it is pretty much the same as girl's hostel. In each block, there will be three washing machine at ground level, one water vending machine, and um I dont know, I think thats it? Oh yeah, There is one bilik iron in each level. Water heater is there as well. Dont bring those haram stuffs okay? Because everything is already provided. But um I bring my own iron to KMPK because my room is too far from the iron room :') For those who got Seri Kerian, you guys are lucky as I was hahhaha because this block are the nearest to classes and most important thing is cafeteria!!!! Your friend will be jealous at you, trust me. Its easier for you guys to go back to your room during 1 hours break for lunch.

You guys will share your room with another three students. Room is big and convenient. You can re-decorate your room if you dont like the arrangement of furniture. But do it after one month like that so u wont get into trouble.

About the cafeteria, there are a lot of cafeteria here dont worry. Price range are between RM3-5 for nasi and lauk. It is quite cheap. RM10 is more than enough per day. Food here are delicious dont worry. There are shops for student to buy their things too. It is located at Anjung Siswa. But the price here are not that cheap. So before setting your foot in KMPK, bring your food stocks and basic needs.

About the scedule, um um um matriculation are well-known for its 'jadual padat'. Well ofcourse haha. Classes are scheduled from 8am to 4.15pm. But dont you guys worry, you can always sleep during lecture :'))))) ok joke. Do your best, dont procrastinate and good results will be yours. Lecturers here are nice so be good to them and make friends with them.

I think thats all because I dont know what to write. Feel free to ask anything. I will answer it as soon as possible or u might wanna send your questions to my email:

Dont worry, matriculation is great. You will miss everything about it when it is over.